Our Belief

Our Belief

We believe that the man Jesus of Nazareth, who lived in Palestine 2000 years ago, was indeed God in human form, sent to earth by His Father to live as a man amongst us.

He was sent to teach the truth about God and to die on the Cross.  His death was totally unique in all of human history.  Jesus was without sin and those who actively believe in Him, will be forgiven their own sin and be granted eternal life.

Although Jesus died, He rose again from the dead after three days and appeared to His disciples as testimony to the truth of His claims and His teaching.  He has promised that all, who accept His authority over their lives, will be raised again from the dead, just as He also rose again.

Throughout His earthly life Jesus performed many miracles and healed many people and showed us what God is really like.  Those who were actually there and were eyewitnesses to these events, recorded their experiences in writing. These documents were kept by the church and over time became our New Testament.  We believe that the Bible contains all necessary information to know the truth about God, His Son Jesus Christ and the way of salvation.

Belief in Christ means a life of active discipleship, and being a regular member of a local worshipping community.  That community is the church, the Christian family which all believers are called to be active members of and we welcome anyone in His name.