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Walsoken's Learner Ringers have...

1) A guarantee that they will be taught well using a progressive, modern teaching scheme.

2) Learning that will be structured and fun and progress accelerated.

3) Teaching that is tailored to your needs and offers lots of varied ringing opportunities.

4) A sense of camaraderie because you are learning together along with the social life associated with a wider group.

5) Assurance that all teachers will be following ART safeguarding policies and guidelines.

6) An environment that is well-organised and well-resourced.

How Teaching is Carried out, we...

a) Keep and maintain equipment and facilities to teach bell handling and change ringing.

b) Hold regular practices focused on the Learning the Ropes curriculum.

c) Support practices with theory or hold theory workshops.

d) Work within ART Policies and Guidelines.

e) Teach under the supervision of an ART member using the ART training scheme techniques.

f) Welcome new ringers that can be voluntarily registered on SmART Ringer.

g) Promote group teaching with an intensive teaching approach.

h) Maintain a log of activity.

i) Support learning for other towers.

Hub Certificate

Bob Cox Bell Maintenance Certificate

Walsoken Bells Inspection Report

Ringing Simulator

At Walsoken Tower we have a ringing simulator.  Each bell has a sensor connected to the laptop by a 'Bagley Box' which is then used by the Abel programme to simulate the bells ringing.   This is useful in training sessions so that poorer ringing while learning is not heard outside!

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